Zebra Plant + Ceramic Planter


Haworthia Zebra plants get their name from the raised horizontal stripes on their leaves. Zebra plants are very attractive, clumping succulents that live happily as an indoor plant or outdoor plant. The deep green, skyward, tapering leaves of this plant combined with the horizontal line patterning make this succulent a sculptural and aesthetic addition to an indoor plant collection. Low growing makes them perfect for styling indoors as a table scape. You will receive one of Haworthiopsis attenuata or Haworthia fasciata in a matte black, glazed ceramic pot measuring 10cm w x 9cm h with drainage hole/s. You will receive a plant similar to the one shown here.


Haworthia fasciata and Haworthiopsis attentuata, also known as Zebra plants, are often confused with each other as they both look very similar. Haworthiospis attentuata has white, warty markings on the outside and inside of the leaf unlike Haworthia fasciata which displays a smoother, white marking complexion on their outer, chubbier leaves only. If you have a preference please advise at checkout in notes, subject to availability.

CARE: Haworthia prefer a filtered light, part shade position outdoors and bright indirect light indoors. Water the soil deeply so that water runs through the drainage hole/s and hits the roots for uptake to leaves. Allow to dry out between waterings. Water less when dormant in winter and late summer. Haworthias typically grow in Autumn and Spring. Liquid feed at 1/4 to 1/2 strength of other plants during the growing season. 

We deliver to inner Melbourne and surrounding metro suburbs. It is preferable to deliver plant gifts to a workplace, otherwise, please ensure someone is home to receive their plant gift or nominate a safe place to leave (all care, no responsibility).  If unable to be delivered due to no concierge, no appropriate place to leave, no one home or no way of getting into an apartment building then goods will be returned to base for collection by purchaser or a re delivery fee will be charged.

Plants will arrive with care instructions, and a handwritten note for gift giving. Please provide note details at checkout, below shipping address details, and include to + from with your message and the occasion. We wrap our plant gifts using sustainable kraft and tissue paper with gift note and care card attached.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 9 cm


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