Jelly Bean Plant + Ceramic Planter


Aged and leggy Sedum rubrotinctum (Jellybean Plant). You will receive a plant similar to one shown here. Colour may vary depending on time of year purchased. Matte Black, Glazed ceramic pot 10cm w x 9cm h. Quality cacti-succulent mix + river pebble finish. Have very limited quantity in stock. The perfect sculptural plant for an outdoor tablescape, shelf or macrame hanger.


Sedum rubrotinctum. Jelly Bean Plant. This Sedum has been aged to create a leggy, sculpture succulent bonsai. To achieve this stunning colour it has been left in full sun over summer. Picture taken early Autumn. In the cooler months it may revert to green with red tips but if you leave it in full sun you will get beautiful colour changes all year. It loves being outdoors, indoors it will stretch and become a green colour – bring in and use as a tablescape every now and then for a few days but then take outdoors. You can cut the leggy pieces if you want a bushy habit and replant the cuttings with just a bit of stem and create new plants. Even the beans or leaves will grow babies if they drop into the pot.

Sedum rubrotinctum loves sunlight, anything from partial sun to full sunlight, protect from hot afternoon sun in sum er. It typically grows from Autumn to Spring.  Give it a good water, once a week, in hot weather and rain should be enough for it in winter. If the beans don’t look full then give it a good soak. Allow soil to dry between waterings, like most succulents. Liquid feed at 1/4 to 1/2 strength of other plants during the growing season.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 9 cm


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