Smudge Stick + ‘Folk Art’ Bowl


Neutralise negative energy and uplift your spirit to a high vibrational state with our cleansing bundle. Accompanied by one of our hand built dishes made here from the home studio in Melbourne.


1 x Sage Burning Stick with Selenite crystal and Palo Santo ‘Holy Wood’

1 x Ceramic Dish (Folk Art glaze) measures approximately 11cm w x 3cm h


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Sage Burning:

Our trio of cleansing tools have been used in ancient rituals to cleanse and rid of bad energy. Enlighten any space, object or person through the ceremonial burning of sage and Palo Santo, often referred to as smudging.

Burning white sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of energy cleansing. This method removes all the energy, good and bad, in the space, allowing for new beginnings and fresh starts. Ideal for larger spaces.

Palo Santo, when burned, removes only the negative energy in a space. Leaving behind only the positive energy, this method creates a good positive vibration. Palo Santo is more effective for smaller, more enclosed areas.

Selenite is a little different to the other two, but each rely heavily on one another. Selenite is a crystal that allows for liquid-like energy fluidity. It’s amazingly high vibrations lift your spirit and invite an overall high vibration state. Selenite can be cleansed and recharged by using your sage or Palo Santo.

All three of these sacred aura cleansing tools work in unison to create positive energy and support good vibrations.


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