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Purple Rain Planter (Med) + Bridal Ball Cactus


Glazed ceramic planter paired with the Bridal Ball Cactus

We have paired this one off planter with a funky, established cactus for delivery to MELBOURNE METRO only.

Clay is a dark speckled colour and a beautiful base for this vibrant purple blue glaze

Planter measures 12cm w x 10cm h with drainage hole.  Measures 21cm high with plant.



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Purple Rain glaze on a dark speckled clay planter. We have paired this one off planter with a funky ball cactus for delivery to Melbourne metro suburbs only.


The Mammillaria bombycina – or ‘The Bridal Ball’ is a beautiful cactus known for the ring of delicate pink flowers it can produce in spring. This plant can grow 20cm high, and can produce numerous offsets.  The spines are beautiful and delicate and will stick to your skin if touched so try to avoid.


This one is happy indoors in a bright position all year – protect from direct sun in summer. Bright light, semi shade, protected position outdoors in summer.

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Folk Art


Sandy Speckled




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