Pilea peperomioides 'Chinese Money Plant' + Ceramic Planter 12cm

BOTANICAL NAME_ Pilea peperomioides (native to to southern China)

AKA_ Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, UFO Plant,

FEATURES_ A remarkable indoor plant for beautiful, delicate greenery that branches from a single stem. Large, coin shaped foliage daintily floats off its own stem. Easy to grow and care for.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Fits in. Lush, vibrant, bouncy and centred. Dainty and excitable. A great one for the novice indoor gardener, beautiful amongst terracotta and cactus or prettily adorning a girlish bedroom.

PLANT PAIRING_ We have paired this glossy leafed succulent with a coral cement planter to contrast the bright green of the leaves and pick up on the light pink colour in the stems.




The planter with drainage hole/s measures 12cm diam. x 12cm h, filled with quality potting mix with added perlite. You will receive a plant similar to those shown in photos.

Pilea peperomioides likes shade outdoors and will do well indoors with low light but expect smaller leaves on longer stems.  Relatively fast growing but will take some time to grow upright stems that can be staked to any height. Round, coin-like leavers are produced regularly to create a stunning effect. Plants should be watered regularly including winter. Also enjoys regular feeding at any time of the year.  It will survive without food, but will slow growth.

Delivering to inner Melbourne and surrounding metro suburbs for a fee or free local pick up in Williamstown. We prefer to deliver plant gifts to a workplace, home or apartments with a concierge. If no-one is home, the driver will leave gifts in a secure spot at owner’s risk. If unable to leave plants gifts in a secure location, then goods will be returned to base for collection by purchaser and a re delivery fee will be charged.

Plant gifts are wrapped in sustainable hessian which is compostable and biodegradable with gift and care card attached. Please provide personal message to be added to gift card at checkout under ‘notes’ (below shipping address details). You may like to include a ‘to + from’ with your message and nominate the occasion so we can match with an appropriate gift card.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 cm
Select Cement (CYL) Planter

Plain Cement Planter, Ribbed Planter


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