Notocactus "Balloon Cactus" + Cement Planter 10cm

BOTANICAL NAME_ Notocactus  (native to Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina)

AKA_ Balloon Cactus, Green Ball Cactus, Blue Ball Cactus

FEATURES_ A globular cactus, blue-green in colour, glistening under a haze of pale yellow fluffy spines and brilliant yellow flowers.  It will develop clusters over time.

PEOPLE PAIRING_  For the adventurers.  ‘Come away with me’ in a balloon cactus.  Whimsical, dreamy, fantastical.




Cement planter is 10cm w x 10cm h using a quality potting-perlite mix that is top dressed with small river pebbles.

This cactus loves a covered, sheltered outdoors with plenty of morning sunshine (keep out of rain). It is not frost hardy, so bring indoors for winter and place in a bright, sunny spot. No need to water during this time as it is dormant in winter. Easy to grow and care for. Cactus need bright sunlight and excellent drainage, water deeply then allow to nearly completely dry out between watering, hold off watering in winter.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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