Rhipsalis horrida 'Mouse Tail Cactus' + Tapered Cement Planter 14cm

BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis baccifera s. horrida (native to Madagascar)

AKA_ Mouse Tail Cactus

FEATURES_ Rhipsalis horrida is a sub tropical trailing plant with hairy stems that start upright then spill over making it the perfect hanging plant to dangle over a shelf or plant into a hanging planter. It is an epiphytic cactus, meaning in the wild it likes to grow onto a plant or tree but not in a harmful or parasitic way. 

PAIR WITH_  Pairs perfectly with our macrame plant hangers made from sustainable cord by local makers in the Yarra Valley. OSFA




Potted into a tapered cement planter with drainage hole/s measuring 14 cm w x 14.5 cm h using a quality cact-perlite-peat mix.  Macrame plant hanger is an additional item, medium size is the best fit for this pot.

Typically, this plant doesn’t like extremes of heat nor cold and can be brought indoors for protection. Outdoors, place planter where it receives morning sun and afternoon shade, particularly in summer. It will happily grow indoors but take care to ensure that this plant does not receive direct light indoors after midday in summer. Place in a south facing position which is warm and bright. It prefers a richer soil than most succulents, some sand can be added for drainage, but select a premium potting or orchid mix. It doesn’t like to dry out so can be watered more than your average succulent but less in Autumn and Winter.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 cm
Select Cement (TAP) Planter

Concrete + White Planter, Grey Cement Planter, Matte Black Planter, Ribbed Planter


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