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Mediterraneo Planter (Med) + ‘Apple Cactus’


Glazed ceramic planter paired with Cereus peruvianus ‘Apple Cactus’.

We have paired this one off planter with a funky, drought tolerant, easy care cactus for delivery to MELBOURNE METRO only.

Clay is lightly speckled sand colour and a beautiful base for this warm, wintry glaze. A great contrast for greenery.

Planter measures 13cm w x 11cm h with drainage hole.  Measures 30cm high with plant.



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Mediterraneo glaze with blue drips on a sand speckled clay planter. We have paired this one off planter with a funky apple cactus for delivery to Melbourne metro suburbs only.


Outdoors in 80% sunlight, protect from afternoon direct sun in summer.  Water regularly in growing months.  Best to soak soil when watering and then leave to dry out completely before re watering. Can be brought in for winter (whilst dormant) and placed in a sunny spot.

This ‘monstrose’ variety is a mutated version of Cereus peruvianus –  multi headed rather than the usual single columnar variety.  The white flesh is edible, a mildly sweet fruit and develops large creamy white flowers that are nocturnal and last just one night.




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Sandy Speckled




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