Clivia miniata (Pale Yellow Flower) + Floor Planter 18cm

BOTANICAL NAME_ Clivia miniata

PLANT TYPE_ Flowering perennial

  • Part shade
  • Can be grown in pots
  • Needs frost protection

FEATURES_ Potted clivias look great on a deck with their strappy long leaves or in a shady courtyard.  They like to be pot bound and can be left in a pot for many years, or planted out into the garden where they will form clumps over time.  This one has the very sought after pale yellow flower in early spring and is prized for its colour which is fairly new to market. They don’t like afternoon sun.  They can be brought indoors over winter but will put on their best display in Spring outdoors in a semi shaded position. Protect from summer sun and frost in winter when dormant





Please note that 2 orders may come in at the same time and therefore stock may not be available for the 2nd order. We will advise if this occurs.

Potted plant (15cm) sits inside a choice of a coral pink, pale pink or teal floor planter (18cm x18cm) with drainage hole and drip tray.  This enables potted plant inside to be removed for watering without having to carry the heavier display pot.

Water the soil deeply so that water runs through the drainage hole then leave until soil dries out before watering again. Lightly fertilizer (1/4 strength of normal plants) during the spring-summer growing season for best results. Water infrequently in winter. It prefers a dappled shade to filtered light position outdoors.  Can be planted out in the garden and will form clumps over time. Do not over-water them when in pots, nor have them sitting in saucers of water, as their fleshy roots can rot if they are over saturated.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 cm
Select Floor Planter

Red Earth, Shell Pink, Teal


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