Ceramic Planter (Mixed Succulents)


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🌵 5 starter succulents with roots
🌵 Mix will change subject to availability
🌵 10cm w x 9cm h glazed ceramic pots
🌵 quality mix + river pebble finish
🌵 Limited stock, subject to availability
🌵 Quantity orders > 2 may take an extra day to fill
🌵 Free Delivery Melbourne Metro Zone 1 on orders over $75

The perfect all occasion gift or start your own collection with these hardy succulents.



Our mixed succulent planter includes 5 hardy succulents with roots (not necessarily as pictured but a mix that contains similar succulents) in an 9cm h x 10cm w glazed ceramic pot.  These plants will continue to grow, some will multiply and others will eventually outgrow this pot.  Once they do, you can snip them back to size to contain and plant the cuttings into a new pot (spring or early autumn is the best time to do this) This pot is a great way to start a succulent collection with a few easy to grow succulents.

Care: Succulents don’t like wet feet so golden rule is to allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. Better to underwater than overwater as overwatering can lead to rot developing in the root and stem of the plant. Underwatering is easy to detect with wrinkling or puckering of leaves so best to give a good soak over a few days particularly in warmer weather if this occurs. Overwatering produces yellow translucent leaves that are soft and mushy and can lead to stem rot. So stem the watering if you see translucent leaves as a first sign. In winter, rainfall should nearly be enough but try to keep echeverias drier by sheltering under eaves facing north or bring inside if there are frosts. Water if dry and underwatering signs appear.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 cm
Pot Colour

Black, Pine Green, Pink Speckled, White Speckled


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