Blue Torch Cactus (Pilocereus Azures) + Tapered Planter 16cm


BOTANICAL NAME_ Pilocereus azureus (native to Brazil)

AKA_ Blue Torch Cactus

FEATURES_ Pilocereus azureus is an incredible species for the spine colour alone, from honey coloured to brown against a blue to green stem.  The spines are truly beautiful in reflective sunlight.  Most forms have a frosted green to blue stem which is a beautiful contrast to the golden spines and flowers are white.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Sharp and stunning. Not afraid to say what they think but from a place of great depth and beauty.


Tapered cement planter is 16cm w x 16cm h and is potted using a quality cacti-perlite mix.  Size from bottom of planter to top of planter varies but somewhere between 30 – 40 cm.


  • Light: Like many cacti and succulents, the Blue Torch cactus appreciates strong light during the growing season. Move plants outdoors if possible, but acclimatise to direct sunlight slowly to prevent scorching. In the winter, southern exposure is perfect.
  • Water: Allow the soil mix to become nearly dry between waterings, but then water thoroughly. Great drainage is essential, never let the planter sit in water. Suspend watering in the winter, but mist occasionally.
  • Soil: A rich, fast-draining cactus mix is ideal.
  • Fertilizer: During the growing season, fertilize with a cactus fertilizer mix. Suspend feeding during the dormant winter period.

Delivering to inner Melbourne and surrounding metro suburbs for a fee or free local pick up in Williamstown. We prefer to deliver plant gifts to a workplace, home or apartments with a concierge. If no-one is home, the driver will leave gifts in a secure spot at owner’s risk. If unable to leave plants gifts in a secure location, then goods will be returned to base for collection by purchaser and a re delivery fee will be charged.

PACKAGING_Plant gifts are wrapped in sustainable hessian which is compostable and biodegradable, gift and care card included. Please provide personal message to be added to gift card at checkout. You may like to include a ‘to + from’ with your message and nominate the occasion so we can match with an appropriate gift card.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 cm


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