Ceramic Ceremony


“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” – Earlene Grey


Honour the ancient ritual of tea drinking with a pack of naturopathically formulated herbal tea alongside our handmade ceramic cups. Connect deeper within and with those around you over a hot cup of herbal tea goodness.

Delve into intense tranquillity by running a bath, lighting a candle, putting on a face-mask and sipping on a tea while you soak in our deeply relaxing salts. We carefully curated this box so it is a complete, start to finish journey of serenity and self love. 


Ash & Will xx

About the product


A Ceramic Ceremony is a perfect gift for someone really special. A great one for mum or a wife or girlfriend, A Ceramic Ceremony is a soothing all-round experience. Begin with a moment of quiet, brewing a pot of tea can be a very soul-full experience and we want you to feel every moment of it. From the sound of the water boiling in the kettle, to the soft splashes as you pour it into the pot. The smell of the tea as the boiling water mixes with it, releasing the beautiful herbal aromas. The earthy warmth of the ceramic when you pick it up for the first time and the steam as it brushes across your face. All of these micro moments coming together to create an experience that speaks to your soul. Finish the experience with a soothing candle lit bath with our lovely bath soak, beeswax soap and scented candle. Relax the body, the mind and the spirit with this special gift.

A Ceramic Ceremony includes:

Lewin Naturopathy: Herbal Tea – 90g bag of loose leaf herbal tea. Best brewed in a pot (not included) before consumption. (x1)

PK Ceramics: Ceramic Tea Cups – Hand made glazed ceramic tea cup duo, so you can enjoy this set with a friend or loved one. (x2)

Elementary Co: Large Scented Candle – 500g amber soy candle, scented beautifully, this candle fills any space with it’s delicious smell. (x1)

Butterfly Botanicals: Bath Soak – A lovely 350g jar of relaxing bath salts. In either Lavender or rose. (x1)

Nina’s Bees: Beeswax Soap – An award winning bar of soap that combines the wax and honey from an apiary in the blue mountains. (x1)

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Please allow up to 1-3 working days for dispatch of The Ceramic Ceremony Christmas Bundle. Delivery should occur shortly after but can fluctuate depending on local conditions.

Delivery Note;

To ensure your gift arrives in time for Christmas, We recommend ordering before Dec 10th. If you order after that date we will still ship it ASAP but cannot make any guarantees as it is ultimately dependant on the speed of the postage.

Last Minute Delivery;

We will be offering a last minute option for Melbourne deliveries only. Where we will do a personal delivery on the 23rd of December, Ensuring you get your gift ready to pass on to a loved one for Christmas.

Additional information

Candle Scent

Coconut + Lime, Leather + Oudh, Lemongrass, Vintage Bean

Tea Blend

Digest, Glow, Love


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