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Mixed Succulents + Ceramic Planter


Our mixed succulent arrangements are the perfect plant gift. They present as a stylish, living succulent bouquet with gifting in mind. We consider the season, colours, plants with similar requirements, texture, habit and form in the creation of our mixed succulent planters. Typically a feature ‘thriller’ plant is surrounded by dense, ‘filler’ succulents and finished with soft ‘spiller’ plants trailing over the edge. Each arrangement is unique relative to the pot it is paired with. We might pair a soft feminine arrangement with the speckled, pastel coloured planters and a stronger, sculptural arrangement for the matte, black and green planters subject to plant and pot availability at any given time. Our ceramic planters are 10cm w x 9cm h and we use a quality cacti mix that is top dressed with small river pebbles. You will receive an arrangement similar to images shown.

The perfect, living plant gift or start your own succulent collection with these hardy succulents.

Golden Barrel Cactus + Terracotta Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Echinocactus grusonii

AKA_also known as the golden barrel cactus, golden ball or mother-in-law’s cushion, hedgehog cactus, compass cactus

FEATURES_ The earthy rich colours of unglazed terracotta pairs beautifully with the deep greens of the golden barrel cactus and its glowing golden yellow ribs more apparent when the sun hits this beautiful plant .  The very popular Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) is a low maintenance, slow growing, sculptural plant to add to your collection or gift to someone. All are somewhat prickly which only adds a textural element to their overall appearance.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Adaptable and strong.  Can withstand hostile environments and overcame adversity. It’s unique ability to store water for long periods to carry it through periods of drought to survive and continue to thrive.  It sends a message to stay strong and true to yourself.


Paddle Plant + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Kalanchoe luciae (native to South Africa)

AKA_ Paddle Plant, Flapjack, Red Pancakes, Desert Cabbage

FEATURES_ Beautiful, smooth flat, pancake shaped leaves that blush a beautiful red with the right amount of sunlight in summer or cold in winter. Happiest as an outdoor plant with lots of sun so would need to be kept in a very bright warm spot indoors .

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Kalanchoe from the Chinese words ‘Kalan Chau’ meaning ‘that which falls and grows’. An enduring plant that symbolises both persistence and love.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.

Ruby Necklace + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Othonna capensis

AKA_ Ruby Necklace, Little Pickles


Othonna capensis has very succulent green leaves that move to purple the more light it receives.   The bean like foliage grows in a spiral pattern around long, slim pink, purple to red stems. The perfect specimen for a hanging planter. Produces very small, dainty, yellow daisy-like flowers on slim stems. Fragrant flowers are attractive to a wide variety of pollinators including butterflies, bees and other insects. Blooms from late spring to early in the autumn.

PLANT PERSONALITY_  Given its name, Ruby would be the perfect name fit.  Fast growing and tough, feminine, spirited with bold colouring in bright light.  ‘Ah now said I love a girl and-a Ruby is her name …’  It’s other name is Little Pickles – a gift for a friend, family member or colleague who may have gone through a bit of trial recently and is on the mend or getting sorted.

Aloe Vera + Ceramic Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Aloe barbadensis

AKA_ Aloe Vera, Immortality Plant, Miracle Plant, Covid 19 Plant

FEATURES_ Aloe vera is an evergreen succulent that forms a tight cluster of leaves fanning up from the base. The leaves are green to grey-green, and can feature small white spots and short stripes on the upper and lower surfaces. Each leaf is thick and fleshy and has a run of short  thorns (not sharp) along each side. Aloe vera is also often grown for the medicinal properties of its leaves. The gel contained in the aloe vera leaves has soothing properties and is used to treat sunburn, and other skin conditions, as well as constipation and asthma.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Goddess in sanskrit. Holistic, naturopathic and detoxifying.  The ‘plant of immortality’ according to Egyptians, it has been used it to treat infections and diseases for centuries. Cleopatra credited Aloe Vera as the source of her beauty.  The perfect get well soon gift for someone overcoming illness and poor health.

Sacrostemma resiliens + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Sacrostemma resiliens

FEATURES_ Hardy, trailing succulent with sculptural virtue. Doesn’t grow leaves so beauty is in its form.  Some colour interest when slightly stressed in cooler weather with a slight purple bruising of the green stems (current images show this). Great for hanging baskets. Grows well in hot, dry conditions.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ For the wild ones: unrestrained, say it as it is, bold, beautiful and bohemian. Stay at home crazy hair days. Big hair, don’t care.

NOTES_ When cutting the stem this plant emits a protective, anti fungal, milky sap that should not be ingested and may irritate skin and eyes. Take care when shaping, cutting back and keep clear of pets that chew plants.

Kalanchoe ‘Quicksilver’ + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Kalanchoe pumila ‘Quicksilver’ (native to Madagascar)

AKA_ Kalanchoe Quicksilver, Flower Dust Plant

FEATURES_ Kalanchoe pumila ‘Quicksilver’ is a trailing plant with stunning silver, toothed leaves and pretty pink-violet flowers in late winter and spring.  Perfect as a hanging plant in a partial sun position. A beautiful contrast plant in the garden or amongst the greenery.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Kalanchoe from the Chinese words ‘Kalan Chau’ meaning ‘that which falls and grows’. An enduring plant that symbolises both persistence and love.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.

Old Man of the Mountain + Cement Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Oreocereus trollii

AKA_also known as ‘Old Man of the Mountain’

FEATURES_ A very attractive member of the “Old Man of The Andes” group. Very slow growing, eventually reaching a height of 1 metre in 30 years!

PLANT PERSONALITY_  The name says it all ‘Old man’. Plant gift for dad and his greying locks whether it be for his birthday or Father’s Day. Or any friend who is old before his/her time. Milestone birthdays.

Kalanchoe ‘Flaming Kate’ + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (native to South Africa)

AKA_ Flaming Kate Kalanchoe

FEATURES_ This form is one of the original species, with tight compact foliage that turns bright red in full sun and exposed conditions. Clusters of small pink flowers appear in late Winter to Spring. Partial shade to full sun position, indoors in a very bright, sun lit position otherwise may lose shape and colour in stretching for the light.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Kalanchoe from the Chinese words ‘Kalan Chau’ meaning ‘that which falls and grows’. An enduring plant that symbolises both persistence and love.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.

Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium) + Ribbed Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Pachypodium lamerei (native to southern Madagascar)

AKA_ Madagascar Palm

FEATURES_ Famous for its stunning shape and versatility as a garden plant or indoors. Shiny silver trunk with long, sharp spines.  The trunk may branch out, making it more attractive. Long narrow leaves grow at the top of the trunk like a palm tree, but it is not actually a palm tree. In pots, the plant will remain compact but in the garden can grown to 2 or 3 metres. Large frangipani type flowers will appear in summer if placed in a position with lots of direct sunlight outdoors.  Plant may defoliate in winter. Suggest bringing indoors in winter and outdoors in summer to truly enjoy everything this succulent has to offer.


Agave ‘Quadricolour’ + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Agave lophantha

AKA_ Quadricolour, Century Plant

FEATURES_ Stunning compact Agave forming a very attractive 3 colour rosette that will go red with stress.  Up to 40cm across when mature in pots, bigger if planted out in the garden. Young plants are formed as offsets as the plant matures. Can be kept indoors in cooler months in a very bright, well lit position indoors. Doesn’t like anything below 5 degrees.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ The name Agave means Admirable.  A gift to someone you look up to and admire with a multicoloured and faceted personality.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.