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Rhipsalis micrantha + Vintage Planter


The Rhipsalis micrantha with its elongated tresses is a stunning trailing, jungle cacti.  Wild and wonderful with its evergreen foliage and multi branched stems.  We have paired this tropical succulent with a repurposed, vintage, stoneware planter, originally a 70s “Coffee” canister measuring 21cm h x 10cm w using quality cacti-succulent mix + river pebble top dressing. Only 1 available.

Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.

Rhipsalis ‘Coral Cactus’ + Lillypilly Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis cereuscula (native to Uruguay and Brazil)

AKA_ Coral Cactus, Rice Cactus, Mistletoe Cactus, Jungle Cactus

FEATURES_ Rhipsalis cereuscula is an epiphytic cactus that forms skyward stems with coral-like, jointed clusters at top of stems that eventually drop and hang over the edge of a planter making it a perfect specimen for a hanging planter.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ This tropical, jungle cactus is a perfect match for sustainability warriors, the Coral Cactus for greening the planet and saving the Great Barrier Reef from coral bleaching.

PLANT PAIRING_ We have paired this Rhipsalis with a Lillypilly Pottery, wheel thrown, triple glazed, stoneware planter. The grey green glaze over matte black and white glazes tie in perfectly with the foliage of this beautiful plant.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa +Ceramic Planter

Local Pickup Williamstown / Melbourne Metro ‘Zone 1’ Delivery Only (Flat Rate Fee)

🌵 Glazed ceramic pot 10cm x 9cm
🌵 You will receive a plant similar to the one shown here
🌵 Planted with Rhipsalis pilocarpa (with drainage hole/s)
🌵 Quality potting mix
🌵 Limited stock
🌵 Quantity orders > 2 may take a day or two to fill

The perfect living, all occasion gift.

Rhipsalis micrantha + Lillypilly Planter

  • Hand thrown and triple glazed, textured, stoneware planter by Lillypilly Pottery
  • Dimensions 21cm h x 10cm w
  • Planted with cascading Rhipsalis micrantha
  • Quality cacti-succulent mix + river pebble top dressing
  • Only 1 available


Local Pick up Williamstown or Melbourne Metro Delivery (courier charge)
The gift that keeps on living.

Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.