What’s not to love about terracotta? It’s colour, texture and ever changing patina as it ages. I am reminded of Europe and the Mediterranean. It contrasts perfectly with green and grey succulents and cacti. It is porous allowing air and water to move through its walls preventing root rot and disease. Terracotta planters look great singularly or as a collection on a textured wall or with a mix of succulents and cacti.

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Barrel Cactus + Terracotta Planter


The earthy rich colours of unglazed terracotta pairs beautifully with the deep greens of barrel cacti.  Choose from the very popular Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii), Devil’s Tongue (Ferocactus latispinus) or Easter Lily Cactus (Echinopsis subdenudata) for a low maintenance, slow growing, sculptural plant to add to your collection or gift to someone you care about. All are somewhat prickly which only adds a textural element to their overall appearance. Paired with a 11cm x 12.5cm terracotta planter and potted using a quality cacti mix with a river pebble top dressing. You will receive a plant similar in size to images provided.

Mammillaria ‘Ladyfinger Cactus’ + Terracotta Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Mammillaria elongata

AKA_ Ladyfinger Cactus, Lady Fingers, Golden Stars, Gold Lace Cactus.

FEATURES_ Gold, interlacing, star shaped ribs (spines) glow in the afternoon sunlight like a ginger beard.  A beautiful, clumping cactus with long cylindrical ‘ladyfinger’ like stems. Perfectly paired with a terracotta planter which enhances the rich colours of the spines.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ The perfect gift for beginner cacti collectors, redheads, rangas and gingers.

Zebra Plant + Terracotta Planter


Haworthia Zebra plants get their name from the raised horizontal stripes on their leaves. Zebra plants are very attractive, rosette, clump forming succulents that live happily as an outdoor or indoor plant. The green to deep green, skyward, tapering leaves of this plant combined with the horizontal white to green line markings make this plant a sculptural and aesthetic addition to a succulent collection. Low growing makes them perfect for styling indoors as a table scape. Haworthia is paired perfectly with an earthy terracotta pot measuring 11cm w x 12.5cm h with drainage hole/s. You will receive one of Haworthia fasciata, Haworthiopsis attenuata, Haworthia limifolia (green markings) and Haworthia pumila (Pearl plant) similar to plants shown in images.

Euphorbia resinifera + Terracotta Planter


Euphorbia resinifera is native to Morocco. Low growing, mounding succulent with rectangular stems that repeat.  It has small spines and a poisonous sap that should not be ingested so play it safe with positioning and handling as all parts of this plant are poisonous. Light green to grey green in colour, flowers in summer with small yellow blooms.  Planted into a terracotta planter (11cm x 12.5cm) using a well draining cacti mix and top finished with river pebbles. You will receive a plant similarin size and appearance to the one shown in images.