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Cathedral Cactus (Euphorbia trigona)+ Floor Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Euphorbia trigona (native to West Africa)

AKA_ African Milk Tree, Cathedral Cactus, Candelabra Cactus

FEATURES_ A very attractive, branching 3-4 sided upright stem that can grow to a height of 2.7m in the right conditions in ground. Much smaller in a pot. The stem is dark green with a light green patterned spine that is a very attractive feature of this plant. Leaves grow between long thorns and can flower (yellow or white) in spring but not so often in pots. Easy to care for. A structurally beautiful, architectural plant.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ For strong, multi faceted and talented humans. The Architect, schemer, builder, dreamer. Perfect for new beginnings, new homes and renovations. Build it and they will come. Housewarming gift. The Candelabra / Cathedral Cactus has a natural tie in with weddings and celebrations too.

The Bridal Ball (Mammillaria bombycina) + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Mammillaria bombycina

AKA_ The Bridal Ball

FEATURES_ Probably the most popular and beautiful of all the mammillarias, bombycina eventually grows to 20com high and produces numerous offsets.  In spring pink flowers appear in a ring on the previous year’s growth.

OCCASION_ Soft, fluffy and feminine, the bridal ball is perfect gift for weddings, engagements or a small gift to your partner to push things along.