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Jade Plant + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Crassula ovata

AKA_Money Plant, Lucky Plant, Jade Plant, Friendship Tree

FEATURES_ Vibrant  jade green leaves developing a red edge with more exposure to light. Stem becomes thick and woody with age taking on a silvery bronze patina. A great plant for succulent bonsai. The leaves signify growth and renewal and look like jade coins which are symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

PLANT SYMBOLISM_ Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) is considered a good luck charm in China. Traditionally placed at the entrance of a home or business to encourage growth and renewal and future prosperity for the owners. In Feng Shui, place this plant east for health, harmony and scholarly pursuits, south east for wealth and luck, and west for creativity.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ The perfect gift for new ventures, as a wedding gift, new beginnings, starting out and for long lived relationships and friendships. The adage goes, ‘A jade at the door, poor no more.’

String of Bananas + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Senecio radicans (native to South Africa)

AKA_ String of Beans, String of Bananas, String of Fish Hooks, Necklace Plant

FEATURES_ A very attractive, trailing plant with plump bean/banana shaped leaves at intervals along the stem.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ String of Bananas for the climbing monkeys. The fruit of energy, bananas symbolise money and savings as well as fertility.  A quirky, dramatic plant for the gregarious to hang in a bright spot indoors and outdoors. Perfect for plant shelves, mantles or ceiling hooks and rails, hang high to showcase the dramatic long tresses. Great under porches with heaps of light and airflow.

Potted in an 9cm h x 10cm w glazed ceramic pot using a quality potting cacti + succulent-perlite-sand mix.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive. It will be a similar plant to the one shown here however the length of trailing stems will vary.