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Mother in Law’s Tongue ‘Superba’ 14cm


BOTANICAL NAME_ Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Superba’

AKA_ Mother in Law’s Tongue, MIL, Snake Plant

FEATURES_ An extremely low maintenance succulent perfect for indoors and popular for its architectural, variegated foliage. The superba is slightly more compact, the leaves are a bit fatter and shorter than the more common Sansevieria trifasciata.  Still an upright variety with bladed foliage in shades of green, with mottled or streaked colouring and variegated yellow margins.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ The Snake plant / Mother in Law’s Tongue doesn’t exactly conjure up the warm, fuzzy feelings of gift giving to friends and loved ones. However, it has a worthy place in the home and garden due to its architectural features and indestructibility (if that’s a word). One can only really love it too much (doesn’t like wet feet).  A great housewarming gift, cheeky gift from a MIL to a future daughter in law, tongue in cheek, of course, and you probably can’t go past Mother’s Day for the obvious gift.

Chinese Money Plant + Ceramic Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Pilea peperomioides (native to to southern China)

AKA_ Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, UFO Plant,

FEATURES_ A remarkable indoor plant for beautiful, delicate greenery that branches from a single stem. Large, coin shaped foliage daintily floats off its own stem. Easy to grow and care for.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Fits in. Lush, vibrant, bouncy and centred. Dainty and excitable. A great one for the novice indoor gardener, beautiful amongst terracotta and cactus or prettily adorning a girlish bedroom.

PLANT PAIRING_ We have paired this glossy leafed succulent with a coral cement planter to contrast the bright green of the leaves and pick up on the light pink colour in the stems.

Autumn Cactus (Zygocactus) + Tapered Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Zygocactus, Schlumbergera truncata

AKA_ Autumn Cactus

FEATURES_ Flowers from mid April to start of June.  Beautiful hanging plant.  Lovely shape and budding form of flowers.  We stock a few different colours, subject to availability – pinks, apricot – salmon, reds and whites.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Flowery, colourful personalities, think Carmen Miranda. The Autumn – Winter bloomer is great for Mother’s Day and birthdays in the cooler months due to flowering during these times.

PERFECT PAIRING_ Medium Macrame Hanger

Kalanchoe ‘Regal Bells’ + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Kalanchoe Regal Bells (native to South Africa)

AKA_ Regal Bells

PAIR WITH_ Pairs perfectly with a medium (up to 14cm) Macrame Plant Hanger

FEATURES_ Compact succulent perfect for a hanging basket in a partial shade position outdoors. Attractive long lasting bell flowers in Spring. Can also be used as a ground cover outdoors. Cut to shape and propagate new plants from offcuts, just dry for a few days until a scab forms on the base of the stem, then plant into well draining soil. Hardy, drought tolerant and low maintenance succulent.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Kalanchoe from the Chinese words ‘Kalan Chau’ meaning ‘that which falls and grows’. An enduring plant that symbolises both persistence and love.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.

Azure Torch (Azureocereus hertlingianus) + Cement Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Azureocereus hertlingianus

AKA_also known as Azure Torch, Blue Cactus

FEATURES_ A spectacular turquoise blue coloured columnar cactus that can grow to 2m tall in the ground, albeit a slow grower.  Plants will remain much smaller contained in a pot. Golden brown spines are the perfect colour contrast to the turquoise blue. Can branch at the base and maintains its bluish colour with age. Very impressive specimen in the garden or confined to a container.

PLANT PERSONALITY_  Minimalist and imposing, bold and individualistic.

Lepismium cruciforme + Tapered Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Lepismium cruciforme (native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina)

AKA_ Hurricane Cactus, Jungle Cactus

FEATURES_ . An impressive hanging indoor or outdoor plant. This jungle cactus looks great in containers and hanging baskets or on a tall plant stand to will accentuate the stunning, cascading foliage. Will take on a purplish hue when placed in more light. Perfect for growing on a lightly shaded deck, patio, or porch during warm weather. Tufts of white spines sparkle along fleshy leaves that produce white flowers

Cathedral Cactus (Euphorbia trigona)+ Floor Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Euphorbia trigona (native to West Africa)

AKA_ African Milk Tree, Cathedral Cactus, Candelabra Cactus

FEATURES_ A very attractive, branching 3-4 sided upright stem that can grow to a height of 2.7m in the right conditions in ground. Much smaller in a pot. The stem is dark green with a light green patterned spine that is a very attractive feature of this plant. Leaves grow between long thorns and can flower (yellow or white) in spring but not so often in pots. Easy to care for. A structurally beautiful, architectural plant.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ For strong, multi faceted and talented humans. The Architect, schemer, builder, dreamer. Perfect for new beginnings, new homes and renovations. Build it and they will come. Housewarming gift. The Candelabra / Cathedral Cactus has a natural tie in with weddings and celebrations too.

Albino Corn Cob Cactus (Euphorbia mammillaris variegata)


BOTANICAL NAME_ Euphorbia mammillaris (variegata)

AKA_ Indian Corn Cob Cactus

FEATURES_ Attractive clumping cactus with cream to green-emerald green variegated patterning.  Stems are thick, erect and ribbed with branching laterals.  Can be flushed with pink tips in cold weather adding to the aesthetic.

PLANT TRAITS_ Clustering variegated club like stems resembling a corn cob.

Crassula ‘Anomala’ + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Crassula atropurpurea v. anomala

FEATURES_ Anomala is a miniature succulent with tight compact red leaves to 1cm across forming small clumps, masses of white flowers appear in early Spring in short upright spikes. Hardy in most climates. Full sun or part shade.  Flowering will only occur in sunny positions.

PLANT TRAITS_ Lovely outdoor tabletop succulent.  Leaves turn red with sun and little white flowers appear on the end of upright stems is a feature.  Hardy and easy to care for.

Rhipsalis campos portoana + Cement Planter 16cm



BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis campos-portoana (native to Brazil)

AKA_ Jungle Cactus, Mistletoe Cactus

FEATURES_ Rhipsalis campos-portoana is a jungle cactus with elongated, many branched stems that hang in large clusters.  Slender, long branches up to 1 metre long which cascade softly.  White flowers and globose, orange fruits.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Rapunzel, let your hair down. Give this beauty the limelight.

Rhipsalis elliptica



BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis elliptica

AKA_ Jungle Cactus

FEATURES_ Flattened succulent segments that are green and turn rich colours of copper to purple in sunlight. Flowers are small and appear in late winter, early spring.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ Definitely a nana plant for the 70s, retro stylists.  Perfect addition to the 70s suburban homes many of us grew up in that are now being renovated.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa (Mistletoe Cactus) + Tapered Planter



BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis pilocarpa (native to Brazil)

AKA_ Mistletoe cactus, Hairy stemmed Rhipsalis

FEATURES_ Rhipsalis pilocarpa looks like a winter wonderland coming into the cold months. Its long draping, cylindrical leaves are covered in white hairs that give a snowy appearance. The stems are green but stress into deep red and purple hues giving the plant the look of Christmas. It also features fragrant, bell shaped, showy white star shaped flowers with pink eyes.

Sacrostemma resiliens + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Sacrostemma resiliens

FEATURES_ Hardy, trailing succulent with sculptural virtue. Doesn’t grow leaves so beauty is in its form.  Some colour interest when slightly stressed in cooler weather with a slight purple bruising of the green stems (current images show this). Great for hanging baskets. Grows well in hot, dry conditions.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ For the wild ones: unrestrained, say it as it is, bold, beautiful and bohemian. Stay at home crazy hair days. Big hair, don’t care.

NOTES_ When cutting the stem this plant emits a protective, anti fungal, milky sap that should not be ingested and may irritate skin and eyes. Take care when shaping, cutting back and keep clear of pets that chew plants.

Balloon Cactus (Notocactus magnificus compacta) + Cement Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Notocactus Magnificus compacta (native to Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina)

AKA_ Balloon Cactus, Green Ball Cactus, Blue Ball Cactus

FEATURES_ A globular cactus, blue-green in colour, glistening under a haze of pale yellow fluffy spines and brilliant yellow flowers.  It will develop clusters over time.

PEOPLE PAIRING_  For the adventurers.  Fly away with me in a balloon cactus.  Whimsical, dreamy, fantastical.

Aloe ‘White Thorns’ + Ceramic Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Aloe aculeata

AKA_ Aloe ‘White Thorns’

FEATURES_ This stunning, architectural aloe produces one head without any real stem, growing to about 30 to 40 cm across over time. A single flower spike in late winter of up to 60cm tall can carry hundreds of yellow or red flowers in tight formation. The little white thorns add to the textural appeal along with its claw like form. The green can become a little mottled with reds and purples which creates a plant full of character and difference. Note that Aloes do come with some markings, ie: not always super perfect, but this adds to the character.

PLANT TRAITS_ Big on character, texture and colour, a statement sculptural plant.

PLANT PAIRING_ Paired with a soft pink ceramic planter to highlight the mottled colours and textures of the aloe leaves

Agave geminiflora + black cement planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Agave geminiflora (native to Mexico)

AKA_ Twin Flowered Agave, Spaghetti Strap Agave, Pin Cushion Agave

FEATURES_ This very attractive species produces fine needle-like leaves covered in white curly hairs as it matures. Plants are slow growing which is great for pot life but will reach 40cm to 70cm across in 20 years. Extremely hardy and will tolerate frost. Can be left to overgrow in pot or repotted in warmer months.

PLANT SYMBOLISM_ The name Agave means admirable or noble which more than likely refers to tall flower spikes this succulent produces.

*Note: The plant shown is an indication of what you will receive.  Seasonal colours may vary.