Partial Sun / Filtered Light

Most succulents are from dry, arid regions and therefore require sunlight to thrive. The succulents shown here do best outdoors in a morning, direct sun position.  Typically these succulents require 4 hours of sunlight in the morning with afternoon protection from direct sun on very hot days.

Succulents with lighter foliage (grey, light green, yellow, purple and red leaves) need the sun to photosynthesize and to maintain a nice shape, colour and form. The best foliage colours, often a stunning feature, are achieved with sunlight and many succulents will not flower unless they receive adequate light. 

These succulents fair better indoors in a bright light position. If they are not receiving enough sunlight then colours may dull, leaves may flatten, elongate and stretch looking for light (this is known as etiolation) and the plant may fail to thrive.