Jungle Cacti (Tropicals)

Jungle cacti are typically from tropical regions and therefore love warmth, overhead protection and humidity.  They grow well in Melbourne when we create a similar microclimate.  In Winter, whilst dormant, they are very happy house plants.  They don’t need to be watered often at this time of year, just enough to keep their stems full.  Mist spraying in winter is also worthwhile to keep up the humidity in a dry environment, particularly where heaters are in use.  In summer, they can be maintained indoors with bright indirect light and lots more watering as the weather warms up.  Outside, it is important to keep their natural microclimate in mind. Filtered sun, overhead protection with other plants and trees to protect them or a structural shelter like a pergola, deep watering weekly, allow to almost dry out between waterings and no afternoon sun exposure.  They will maintain their nice shape, colour and form if you get their position right. Stunning plants in macrame hangers or dangling from a high shelf to create that tropical or bohemian look at home.