Christmas Gift List

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve compiled a Christmas gift list of succulents and cacti with the look and feel of Christmas. Succulent and Cacti gifts for loved ones, friends and colleagues or for personal buyers wanting to style their homes or retail stores with plants this Christmas.  Lots of greenery, lush hanging jungle cacti or low profile succs and cacti for tablescapes, shelves and coffee tables.  We also have some larger cacti and succulents for those looking for something special for themselves or as a unique living gift this Christmas.  Let’s get into the spirit of Christmas in a living, loving, connected way. This year we all deserve this, particularly the kids.  If one good thing has come out of lockdown it might be that we value the little things a whole lot more.  Ho! Ho! Ho!


Mistletoe Cactus are part of the Rhipsalis family. Rhipsalis are tropical, rainforest cacti that love a protected, warm position with filtered light perfect for an outdoor room with filtered light. Mistletoe Rhipsalis in particular have multi branching stems, many are green, some are green with red tip new growth and others have fine white hairs reminiscent of snow kissed mistletoe (Rhipsalis pilocarpa + horrida). Gift or style with a jungalow vibe.  Throw a few shrimps on the barbie, grab a beer and keep super cool under the greenery. 

Get Cactus this Christmas

Some structural succulents and cacti.  Unique living and sustainable Christmas gifts, no regifting going on here with these beauties.  For the personal buyer home or retail interior stylist, some bigger plants for your floor space or larger side tables and shelf styling. Gifts that keep on giving for years and years.