We specialise in succulents, cacti and architectural plants to add to your personal collection of indoor and outdoor plants or as plant gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones.  Plant gifts are wrapped in sustainable hessian cloth with a gift tag of your choosing.  A plant care card accompanies the gift and we can add a handwritten personal message inside the card.  We deliver to the inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne broken into 3 zones, there is also a local delivery rate for Williamstown and Newport. Click here for delivery details.

Plant Pairings

When pairing pots with plants, scale, repetition, form, texture and colour are all considerations in the creation of a perfectly paired pot.  We may choose to contrast or combine similar colour and textural attributes, create repetition with patterning and plant form or stand alone living sculptures (succulent bonsai) dictated by the form and habit of the plant.

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