Add On Gifts ...

A selection of locally made, sustainably produced gifts to complement your plant gift order or as an independent gift to yourself, a colleague, friend or loved one.  Kicking off with candles (a collaboration between a ceramicist R J Pots and TA-LO, a soy candle maker and locally made (Yarra Valley), macrame plant hangers.  Recycled cord from Wool & Hook in Byron Bay.  Adding culinary delights from Mrs Girder (bakes) in time for Christmas.

Macrame Plant Hanger


Our Macrame Planter Hangers are made from
45ply, 4mm eco friendly rope
Ethically produced
Made from 100% recycled linen and cotton
Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Small: up to 10cm diameter base
Medium: up to 14cm d base
Large: up to 20cm d base

Please note that the final length of your plant hanger will vary depending on the width and the height of the pot you are pairing it with.

If you are in Vic Country or interstate we can post to you (flat rate fee of $12.00). Please send an enquiry via the tab down below or email us at [email protected] to organise an invoice for you.

RJ x TA-LO Candle. – Fig + Green Bamboo



RJ X TA-LO Candle, hand poured using 100% Soy Wax and Non-Toxic fragrances.
Scent: Fig & Green Bamboo
Dimensions: 8cm w X 9cm h
Handmade in Melbourne.
Ramekin can be used after as a coffee, hot chocolate or tea cup, just rinse out with boiling water