Welcome to Pulp Kaktus.

We are a small business operating from our studio and garden at home where we grow and source a collection of succulents and cacti to pair with a range of planters, pots, vessels and accessories suitable for the specific requirements of these sculptural plants. When pairing these plants with pots we look for vessels that will truly complement the plant in colour, form and aesthetics and overall growing needs of the plant are also taken into consideration.

Surprisingly, there are many types of succulents and cacti and their native environments dictate the conditions required for their growth and well being in an urban setting. Some are happy indoors and prefer a filtered light to shady position outdoors, while others require a lot more sun but nearly all succulents need some safeguarding from the extremes of winter and summer. They are easy to grow and care for in the main, most suit our long, dry summers and others, preferring a humid, tropical climate, will struggle in our colder months. But there are many ways to manage and care for these wonderful plants which we hope to share with you in our journal. They are the perfect living gift that truly keeps on giving.