Pulp Kaktus creates wheel thrown and hand built ceramics from our home studio in Williamstown. We also stock a range of eclectic handmade products sourced from Australian makers to complement our range of ceramic wares. We deliver all products Australia wide. The only exception is our small collection of potted plants which are for local delivery in Melbourne (nb: there is an option to deliver our handmade planter (without plant) to other states).

Plant Gifts

A small curated selection of our handmade planters paired with cacti, succulents and architectural plants to create a quirky, unique plant gift.  They can be purchased with or without the plant.  If purchasing with a plant they are available as a Melbourne Metro delivery (weekly) or local pickup only.  We can ship without plant Australia wide. 

We're Blogging.

The Love of two people

A blog about Love

Connection. Connecting people with people, connecting people with nature and connecting people with themselves. We love the feeling of true connection and we strive to create special moments for people that we think will yield that special feeling.

We thought, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it would be a great idea to take the opportunity to do a little connecting ourselves. Both Will and I are lucky to be close to our Grandparents, so for Valentine’s Day we asked them to answer a few questions for us on the topic of Love.

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The Pulp Kaktus Mission

Connection. A theme we want to carry throughout everything we do as Pulp Kaktus. There’s no better feeling than discovering a true deep connection, and that could be with another person, a place in the world or with your own inner self.

A skill that is becoming more and more overlooked as we dive into a more technology dominant world. Our goal is to remind people of the true beauty that is all around us, to encourage individuals to find themselves in others. To take lessons and knowledge from that beauty. 

Showing the wealth that these connections can provide.

We hope that however you interact with us, as a customer, or a reader, or a friend. You can somehow find this connection, and your life is all the better for it.

Will + Ash x

About Pulp Kaktus

The original direction of Pulp Kaktus wasn’t where we’re at now. Starting out as a plant gift service, Allison was delivering cacti and succulents all over the city of Melbourne. Pulp Kaktus began finding its stride in the height of Melbourne’s 2020 lockdowns. Providing a way for people to connect and celebrate special occasions during a time when connection was left by the wayside. All the while, Allison was also refining her skills at the wheel… Her true passion, hand-building ceramics, was always where she wanted to take PK. 

Initially to produce pots that could be combined with her already existing plant gifts and create a pair that was entirely unique to PK! Allison continued to develop her craft. She experimented with her own glaze recipes and clay mixes to create her very own identity in the ceramic world.

Upon moving into a brand new pottery studio...

Allison decides that she wants to dedicate all of her time to her pottery. Bringing the sale and delivery of succulents and cacti to a temporary halt.

With this newly dormant brand, we thought about what we could do to keep the name Pulp Kaktus alive. We quickly arrived at an answer, deciding that we wanted to turn Pulp Kaktus into an online store. Something closely resembling a real world market. A place where Australian businesses and creators could come together and broadcast their talents to the world. We wanted to stock products that were hand-made, here in Australia, we wanted to build relationships with the talented people that created these items. 

We wanted to stay away from the big names and the cheap knockoffs. And wanted to give you a line of products that you don’t see every day. A place you can come and be excited by the new things that you can explore.

And now here we are. The first step towards Pulp Kaktus‘ new identity has been taken. We are excited to begin shaping this website and this brand into one that we really love.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope you like the store we have built so far and the products that we offer. We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback for us.

Thanks again and enjoy!


Will + Ash. 

Allison in her pottery studio, preparing clay for throwing.