to the online plant gift store for Pulp Kaktus. From our boutique nursery in the inner west, Melbourne suburb of Williamstown, we source, plant, sustainably grow (no pesticides) and collect hardy succulents, cacti and architectural plants to pair with a curated selection of pots and plant accessories. Perfect for gift giving, plant styling indoors and outdoors, whether it be at home, in your office, retail or work space. We plant directly into the pot using our own blend of quality potting mix and all pots come with drainage hole/s.  Our plant gifts are hand delivered to Melbourne’s inner metro suburbs or local pick up in Williamstown.

October Lookbook

Warmth in the air, blossom on fruit trees, birds chirpily foraging and building nests for chicks.  The succulent garden is waking up.  Crassulas are flowering, aeoniums are enjoying the rain and nearly time to bring the cactus back outside into the sunshine and warmth.  Welcome to the September Lookbook. 

Mixed Succulents + Ceramic Planter


Our mixed succulent arrangements are the perfect plant gift. They present as a stylish, living succulent bouquet with gifting in mind. We consider the season, colours, plants with similar requirements, texture, habit and form in the creation of our mixed succulent planters. Typically a feature ‘thriller’ plant is surrounded by dense, ‘filler’ succulents and finished with soft ‘spiller’ plants trailing over the edge. Each arrangement is unique relative to the pot it is paired with. We might pair a soft feminine arrangement with the speckled, pastel coloured planters and a stronger, sculptural arrangement for the matte, black and green planters subject to plant availability at any given time. Our ceramic planters are 10cm w x 9cm h and we use a quality cacti mix that is top dressed with small river pebbles. You will receive an arrangement similar to images shown.

The perfect, living plant gift or start your own succulent collection with these hardy succulents.

Rhipsalis ‘Coral Cactus’ + Lillypilly Planter


BOTANICAL NAME_ Rhipsalis cereuscula (native to Uruguay and Brazil)

AKA_ Coral Cactus, Rice Cactus, Mistletoe Cactus, Jungle Cactus

FEATURES_ Rhipsalis cereuscula is an epiphytic cactus that forms skyward stems with coral-like, jointed clusters at top of stems that eventually drop and hang over the edge of a planter making it a perfect specimen for a hanging planter.

PLANT PERSONALITY_ This tropical, jungle cactus is a perfect match for sustainability warriors, the Coral Cactus for greening the planet and saving the Great Barrier Reef from coral bleaching.

PLANT PAIRING_ We have paired this Rhipsalis with a Lillypilly Pottery, wheel thrown, triple glazed, stoneware planter. The grey green glaze over matte black and white glazes tie in perfectly with the foliage of this beautiful plant.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa +Ceramic Planter

Local Pickup Williamstown / Melbourne Metro ‘Zone 1’ Delivery Only (Flat Rate Fee)

🌵 Glazed ceramic pot 10cm x 9cm
🌵 You will receive a plant similar to the one shown here
🌵 Planted with Rhipsalis pilocarpa (with drainage hole/s)
🌵 Quality potting mix
🌵 Limited stock
🌵 Quantity orders > 2 may take a day or two to fill

The perfect living, all occasion gift.

Variegated Ivy + Ceramic Planter

Local Pickup Williamstown / Melbourne Metro ‘Zone 1’ Delivery Only (Flat Rate Fee)

🌵 Glazed ceramic pot 10cm x 9cm with drainage hole/s
🌵 You will receive a plant similar to the one shown here
🌵 Quality potting mix
🌵 Limited stock
🌵 Quantity orders > 2 may take a day or two to fill

The perfect living, all occasion gift.

Client Reviews
Laura Berezynskyj

It’s so beautiful, thank you so much. I’m sure she’s going to love it. You’ve been amazing.  Oct 2019

Shanna McDonald

Thank you Allison. I was so happy with this beautiful plant gift. Great quality and beautifully presented.  Allison was so lovely to deal with and made sure all of my requests were met. September, 2019

Mandy Bishop

Gorgeous, love it. Thank you so so much !!! I appreciate your help, so glad I ordered through you! Thank you for the effort, going above and beyond. He loved it. September, 2019.

Kersten Andrzejeski

‘Thanks for doing the note. Dad confirmed it arrived today & that it looks lovely. My son chose it – he loves cacti! I’ll just add, I actually live in London & I had the plant delivered to my parent’s house for my sister & her fiancé. Having you reach out in person to confirm the order & delivery, as well as offering to add a note has made this all a pleasant & stress free experience. Thanks Allison 🙂

Julia Ozanjak

Hi Allison, Thanks, it’s beautiful! I love it ️ Cheers, Julia   July, 2019

Justin Melican

Mum said she was very happy. I shall recommend you to friends, amazing service. April, 2019

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